About Peacemaker Beer

Welcome to Peacemaker! We’re a brewery focused on the concept of recreating historical beers, braggots, and gruits using modern ingredients and methods. Where many breweries seek to match the ingredients of these historical styles, Peacemaker – who we on the inside lovingly call the Encino Man brewery – imagines the creativity of an old world brewer in today’s world, and removes restraints by creating something honest to the style, but boasting new flavours, aromas, and experiences. Check the Beer bios for a bit more on that.

There’s lots of ways to comment here or reach out to us, and we really encourage it. Want us to try brewing something off-the-wall and out of your head? Let us know, we might be up for it. Got a passion for beer? Subscribe to the RSS feed and comment a lot, we’re honestly interested in what you have to say.


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