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Meet Rebekah, our British Golden Ale

When Peacemaker proclaims to reinvent beer styles starting at their origin the mind typically heads back hundreds of years, which makes the fact our flagship British Golden Ale appears to have found its birth in 1986 a bit of a head-scratcher.

Who Brewed It?

In 1986 the Golden Hill brewery of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England celebrated the 1,000th brewing of their popular Exmoor Ale with a one-off beer named Exmoor Gold. The beers were similar, with the Gold dropping crystal malt but ramping up the hops to come near IPA levels. While history credits Golden Hill Exmoor Ale as the originators of the British Golden Ale, it is true that as far back as the mid-1800s breweries would advertise their “golden ales”, and even the mid-1900s saw entries such as Holden’s Golden Pale Ale and Barclay Perkins Golden Hop Ale.

Why Did they Brew It?

Pale lagers had captivated the youthful British drinkers of the 1980s, and this was cutting into sales of the more standard English bitters and pale ales. British Golden Ale presented a colour that was more in line with these European lager imports, and was typically served colder than cask temperature. The style found its audience and would not only help hold back the influx of pale lagers, but get noticed in the United States where Golden Ales and Blonde Ales would crib from these British styles, but typically with more reserved hop usage

How Does Peacemaker Make It?

As we prepare to launch in York Region in 2017 it appears not much has changed over 30 years; our future fans typically only get a choice of domestic and imported pale lagers at local establishments. One thing that has changed in 30 years has been the choice of extremely unique hops that allow us to produce a light beer with an abundance of character.

British Golden Ale

Peacemaker’s Rebekah

Meet Rebekah, our British Golden Ale

We combine four unique malts meant to produce a robust crisp, biscuit flavour at only 4.5% eupid8y. The German Huell Melon hops keep the bitterness way down, with aromas and flavours reminiscent of strawberries and honeydew melon. We use our house English ale yeast, and serve it unfiltered to retain every bit of flavour and aroma.

Beer Geekery

  • SG: 1.0464
  • SRM: 10
  • IBU: 19